Introductory Course

Not sure if the career field you’re interested in is right for you? Our Introductory Course lets you try out the program so you can make an informed decision whether to continue.

The course includes a review of industry basics, real-world simulations, and personal mentoring provided by your instructor, a highly-experienced professional in the field. Following the course, you’ll take an exam to evaluate your grasp of the materials, helping you determine if you want to move forward in your chosen path.

Hands-On Learning

Our applied learning methodology bridges the gap between classroom instruction and real-world experiences. This is what distinguishes us from other bootcamps – and it’ll distinguish you from the competition.

Through simulation labs and learn-by-doing opportunities, you’ll master valuable skills and knowledge directly applicable to your field. You’ll be able to make decisions and solve challenges in the workplace as soon as you graduate.

Networking and Internships

Bootcamp students have several opportunities to network not only with their instructors and classmates, many of whom are already working in the field, but also with local technology companies looking for new talent. Networking sessions are an essential, built-in part of our program, allowing students to learn first-hand about opportunities in their field and build relationships with key people who can help them get ahead.

Through our personalized internship placement program, students can also try out their newly-learned skills in an internship with one of our hiring partners or local tech companies.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Internship placement is not guaranteed.

Comprehensive Career

As part of the program, our dedicated Career Services Advisors provide you with an extensive toolkit to get a position in your chosen industry.

Develop your resume and LinkedIn profile, participate in mock interviews, connect with leading companies in the field, and take advantage of many more resources to help you stand out in the job market.

*Career Services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.

Skills Labs

Our Digital Skills Labs are one of the driving forces behind our program graduates’ success on the job.

Instructors drive students to sharpen their capabilities through rigorous and engaging simulations that mimic real-world scenarios. By the end of the program, you’ll have gained the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in your selected industry.

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